Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, April 29, 2013

Henry's baptism

Well, this weekend we did our duty as Catholic parents and had that baby baptized. By now, we have this baptism thing down to a science. After all, we've had seven baptisms in seven years. Between the Eddys and Kaufmans, we are a well-oiled baptizing machine.
Except for the well-oiled part.
Henry, huge baby that he is, is too big to fit in the gowns the other kiddos wore, so we ended up buying him his own gown at St. Gertrude's Monastery. It was made by Sr. Miriam, who was on our Engaged Encounter team last weekend, so it's extra special.
Our usual priests were out of town and we had a visiting priest, Fr. Russo, say Mass. He's a Franciscan...and I think does not perform many baptisms. He delivered a beautiful homily about being fully alive and gave an example about being fully alive while parenting in the way we love our children. It made this postpartum mom cry. Beautiful.
And then it was time for the show.
Amy, Kevin, Joe and I headed up to the altar with Henry Elton Kaufman. One by one, most of the Co-op kids straggled up behind us, even though we'd planned for our chaotic bunch of progeny to stay in the pews with the rest of the extended family.
So much for plans.

Our camera's autofocus decided to stop working that day so LeeAnne had to do her best at taking pictures with manual focus.

All was going fairly well, though, and I felt a surge of pride when I looked at our clean, beautiful children standing around this little baby. I got teary as I started to think about each of their baptisms. Noah, our first precious baby--we were so inexperienced. Sam--how he startled as the water was poured over him and Fr. Dat proclaimed him "awakened by the Holy  Spirit". Kate and Glory--being baptized as Amy was being admitted to the hospital. Natalie Doris--whom Henry looks just like in his baptismal gown. And, Ellie--during her baptism last year, Fr Les said to Joe & me, "Looking at her kind of makes you guys want another one, huh?". We adamantly said no, we were done...only to find out we were actually pregnant with Henry. What a crew of blessings in seven short years.

Then, Glory quietly and quickly leaned forward and blew out one of the altar candles.

That's when the wheels came off the bus.

Joe tried to relight the candle and Fr. Russo got a bit discombulated by the whole affair. He tried to get us back on track and continue the baptism...

...and ended up calling Henry "Elton John" for the remainder of Mass.

Oh, well. God knows who he was talking about.

After Mass, we headed home for a celebratory brunch. It was a great afternoon of eating, baby snuggling, visiting and kid wrangling.

Whew. Baptism is an exhausting sacrament. Elton John was quite happy to snuggle in his Grandma's arms by the end of it all.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! I would be honored to skype Sir Elton John piano lessons when the time comes!

Laura said...

Awesome! Love the couch picture.

Grammy said...

Love the couch picture showing the true flavor of the crew! Leave it to Glory to set the chaos in motion!

lorettapox said...

Thanks for a good laugh this morning.....Elton John! Too funny! Wish we could've been there! Blessings to Henry.

Carrie said...

Such a special day! I thought the homily was wonderful as well. :)

Grumpy said...

I hope you don't mind, if I put down into words, how wonderful life is, with (all of) you in the world .....


Rae said...

Hilarious! You and Joe look so cute and happy in the photo of you holding Henry in the kitchen.

I hope you have some of it on video, it sounds priceless!