Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sam's 5th birthday party

We'd been avoiding it as long as possible, but this year we couldn't put it off any longer. Sam really wanted to have friends at his birthday party and, although the thought of four crazy 5-year old boys in one room was terrifying, we relented and invited some of his friends from preschool.
He wanted an Angry Birds Party. We weren't sure exactly what that meant, but I made some red and green cupcakes. We got some decorations and Joe built an Angry Birds game, using some boxes, green balls that he painted to look like pigs, and a water balloon launcher. Plus, we had it at the park near our house, so if all else failed, those crazy 5 year old boys could at least run around on the playground.
It was a huge amount of work and now I totally get why everyone else holds their kids' birthday parties at some exciting venue.
But, it was a huge success, according to Sam.
The birthday boy. He insisted on wearing his "goose-hunting" cap even though it was 90 degrees outside.

Will loved his cupcake. It took a whole package of wipes to clean it off him. Sorry, Teenie.

Lala took a turn holding Henry.

Joe and Jeff held the water balloon launcher for the real life Angry Birds game. Water balloons turned out to be a little challenging to aim, so they used rubber bouncy balls and shot them at...

Grandma Dori took a turn holding Henry. He thought he was hungry (as usual) and kept chomping on her hand, but he was just hot and a little grouchy.

Natalie Doris was the only girl. She insisted on wearing her tutu dress Lala bought her three days ago...and she's worn it every day since she got it. She had a great time until her mom informed her she couldn't pee on a tree like the boys. It was pretty much downhill from there...

A bunch of sweaty, rowdy little boys, fifty cupcakes, water balloons and popsicles on a hot spring day...what a great way to celebrate our awesome 5 year old Sam.

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