Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sam's 5th birthday

Dear Sam,
I can't believe you are five years old today. Age five seems so grown ready to start kindergarten. This year, some of your exuberance has calmed and you have funneled your abundance of energy into a more focused effort. Don't get me wrong; you still love to run and jump and wrestle with the best of them, but until this year, I never thought I'd see you sit and play a board game, sit and build with Legos for hours, sit and...well, just sit.
You have started to really observe the world around you and, surprisingly, reflect pretty insightfully on how it relates to you. You share your observations, which are both interesting and entertaining, with us all the time. You started joking that Dad was older than dirt a few weeks ago. Today, you asked Dad if Jesus was older than Dad. When Dad said yes, then you asked, "So Jesus is older than dirt?".
Yesterday, we were driving home from a fishing trip and you were looking out the window at the sunset. You casually remarked, "I wonder if Mr. Dan is looking at this sunset. It's beautiful and Mr. Dan loves watching beautiful sunsets." Where did that come from?? It reminds us that you are always soaking up information.

Your favorite hobbies are building with Legos, making paper airplanes, riding your bike (still with training wheels), and playing in the dirt. (I guess that last one will never change). You have learned so much in preschool this year and are suddenly so interested in words and how to spell and seem just on the brink of reading. Numbers aren't so bad either. A few weeks ago, you could barely count to 13 and a few days ago, you counted to 36. Amazing. Your favorite number is "finney squared" took your dad and I awhile to figure out you were talking about infinity squared.

Friendly and patient, you have been a great big brother to your siblings, even your sister, who can be demanding and test your limits. You are always willing to share and your teachers tell us you are a peacemaker at school. ND says you are her "best friend" and Henry giggles whenever you sit next to him.

Sam, you are such a joy to have as a son. Being the oldest, Dad and I often have high expectations for you and are harder on you than the rest of our crew---but you continually prove you are up for the challenge. You have become such a helpful, polite kid while keeping all of your same curiosity and zest for life that you've had all along. You are such a blessing.

Mom and Dad

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Rae said...

What a sweet letter! Can't believe he's five already!,,