Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, May 16, 2013

weekly wisdom: get yourself a Lala

The chaos of having three small children is a new challenge for which nothing could have prepared me. On Thursday through Saturday, I don't work and so the chaos can unfold in its own crazy, but enjoyable way. Who cares if Natalie has to try on three outfits before finding out she really wanted to wear a tutu and swimsuit today? Frankly, it's not even worth the fight.

Monday through Wednesday are an entirely different matter all together. Joe has to be at work at 7am, so I'm on my own. I have to get the kiddos to daycare and get Henry and me to work all by 9am. So, from the time Henry wakes up for his 5:30a feeding, we are on a tight schedule to make sure everyone is up, dressed and ready for the day.

No one is happy about this tight schedule. Not a single one of us. And most days, someone ends up crying. Sometimes, it's me.

Enter Lala.

Lala has saved the day by coming over every work day morning to help calm some of the chaos. She takes over changing and dressing Henry while I coax Sam and ND out of bed and into clothes. After a quick breakfast, she helps me herd them out the door and into the car.

Mornings have been a lot happier at our house since Lala started doing this. I know I'm spoiled. I know lots of moms get their kids ready on their own without any help. But, I am soooo glad Lala is willing to come over. It makes our whole day better.

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