Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, May 05, 2013

when the circus comes to town

A few weeks ago, our daycare center hosted a Family Fun Night and Team Eddy tagged along with us. It was a lot like the school carnival/book fairs I went to when I was in elementary school: cake walks, go-fish, bean-bag toss...and FACE PAINTING.
Face painting, surprisingly, turned out to be the main interest and we waited our turn for 45 minutes so all 5 big kids could get their faces painted. Then, we got a terrific family photo taken and it was time to head home.
It was well past bedtime when we pulled into the driveway and I was horror-stricken when I realized that the faces that just got painted now had to be washed and ready for bed.

When we told the news to the kids, they were all equally horror-stricken. (I took this opportunity to slip away into a back bedroom and nurse Henry in peace and solitude while the three remaining parents dealt with the tantrum-throwing that ensued).

The kids were a little placated by getting a picture of their faces before each of them were scrubbed clean. A little placated.
Noah as Spiderman. That paint job took FOR-EV-ER.

Sam as Batman

Natalie as a butterfly. Halfway through, she decided she was done so she only got glitter on one side.

Kate as a butterfly.

Glory as a tiger.
Face-painting was a rockin' good time, but we learned our lesson after that....and steered clear of the face-painting booth at the Dogwood Festival.

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