Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, June 06, 2013

dance recital

A few weeks ago, Natalie and I had a girls' night out and attended a dance recital. I admit I have mixed feelings about little girls in dance class. I worry about body image and self-confidence with round little girls aspiring to be thin, lithe ballerinas. I don't want all the fluffy, frilly prettiness of dance to distract her from growing into a strong woman of substance.

But, I get it. I danced a little in high school and loved those moments when I felt beautiful and graceful.

When the ballerinas took the stage that night in their blue tutus, I saw Natalie's eyes light up. She had a huge smile and declared in her usual determined tone that she was going to be a ballerina.
Me: If you go to dance class, you have to do what your teacher tells you.
ND: I know, Mom.
Me: That means you have to wait your turn and obey.
ND: I know, Mom!
Me: I'm just don't usually like to do those things.
ND: I'm gonna get up there and dance like this. [starts dancing in the aisle]
Since then, she's been practicing her twirling nonstop. She puts on her own "dancer-citals" in our living room, commanding us all to clap when she is finished. Angelina Ballerina has become her favorite show. She wears tutus over her regular clothes, regardless of the occasion.
Whether I like it or not, Natalie has decided she's going to be a ballerina. And when Natalie sets her mind to something, there is little (if anything) that can deter her. I guess I should just try to relax a little about the whole dance thing...I already have a strong daughter.


Laura said...

Cute girl In a cute dress!

Liz said...

Couldn't agree more! I had doubts when I signed Clara up for dance (through community Ed). I worry about self image and prioritizing how a little girl looks over who she is and what she knows. The word tumbling in the title of the class sucked me right in. But i have to say, watching Clara learn to follow directions has made it seem worth our time. Clara loves going to dance class because she gets to see her friends and teacher, and at this age, it is just learning more gross motor skills and having fun to music! I secretly hope Clara chooses something besides dance when she gets older, but I think it is perfect for right now!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Oh, dear heart...
She's going to make the most determined, enthusiastic little dancer of herself! Natalie D. just makes me LAUGH when I see her precious, stubborn little pictures...