Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Saturday, June 08, 2013

just like summer vacation

When we sisins were wee sisins, we used to spend a week of our summer vacation at Lola Oyang's house in Orofino. We would start the week out excited to see each other and end the week fighting, but in between, a lot of fond memories were made. So, when Lauren came up with the brilliant idea of a Memorial Day family reunion to introduce her new husband, Marc, to Orofino, we marked it on the calendar and made plans to go.
The plan started to fall apart when we realized our matriarch, Lola Oyang, was still going to be on her annual vacation to the Philippines over the holiday. Then, Lauren and Tancie decided they wanted to run the CDA half marathon over the weekend. All in all, the trip gotten shortened to a mere 24 hours in Orofino with only us Kaufmans making the trip. (The Eddys and Jacksons decided to stay in CDA and see Lauren and Marc after the half marathon).
Still, I was determined to go. Friday morning, I doggedly packed up clothing, diapers and a pack-n-play while Sam laid on the couch throwing up. If I had to take a vomiting child on the road, be it.
Fortunately, the gods smiled on our venture and while Sam slept the whole drive, he started perking up that evening. We girls had a great time sorting through Lauren's old memorabilia while Sam and Uncle Marcus watched movies and discussed the finer points of toy cars. Lauren and Marcus brought some pretty awesome gifts in an effort to buy our children's affection...and, all in all, they were successful on that front.
Sam, wearing his Nacho Libre cape from Lauren & Marc

Lauren marveling over our Giant Baby. We found a baby picture of Tancie and were amazed by the similarity between Henry and Tancie!

Natalie, as always, was slow to warm up to these "new" people. She didn't want her picture taken with anyone and cried for awhile that she just wanted to go home. By the time dinner was over, though, she was thrilled to be hanging out with "the Aunts"...although she still had some reservations about Uncle Marcus.

Marc made us a delicious pasta dinner (so the marathon runners could carb load). It was great to spend time getting to know Marc better. Unlike ND, Sam had zero reservations about Uncle Marcus.
And, of course, no visit to Orofino is complete without a trip to the Ponderosa for a milkshake. We woke up early for brunch Saturday morning and ended the meal with a round of milkshakes before heading to the cemetery.
It was a relaxed, wonderful, short getaway. I loved getting the chance to just hang out and spend time with my family. It was fun to tell ND and Sam about all our summer adventures. I think they got a little tired of hearing, "When I was your age, this is the [bed, bath, closet] I used to [sleep, bathe, play] in with all your Aunts." We all enjoyed it so much we're planning another getaway soon.

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