Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, June 10, 2013

weekly wisdom: tips for raising a fat baby

I love a good, fat baby...which is good because that's how I grow them. With my vast experience of raising fat babies, I thought I might pass along a few helpful hints.
  • Fat babies are challenging to dress. Their limbs are pretty short while their tummies are pretty round, so you need clothes with, um, a generous cut. Avoid brands for skinny babies (Children's Place, Gymboree, Circo).
  • Fat babies come with fat ankles. Most booties can really pinch those chubby legs. Some moms will go so far as to change the elastic in their Robeez. Me--not being the crafty sort--I opt for leaving them barefoot as much as possible.
  • Fat babies have lots of rolls and creases. Clean in there often. It's amazing how much lint can collect under a baby's neck.
  • Fat babies like to eat a lot. So, if you are nursing, this gives you a free pass to eat all the ice cream you want.
  • Fat babies are, well, fat. They are heavy. It's a good upper body work out. You will not need to do any additional strength training until your baby can walk.
  • Fat babies are extremely kissable and snuggly.

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What an adorable photo!