Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, July 12, 2013

amy's graduation

We, as usual, were the largest group of people there.
I think one of the ploys of medical students and residents to pay off their student loans is to hold graduations frequently--almost annually, in fact. Nonetheless, this was Amy's graduation from her residency and she promised us it would be the last time we'd have to get to attend one of these shindigs, so we loaded up the crew and drove to Spokane. (Our crew also included Super Sitter Mary Kate to watch Sam and ND swim at our hotel while we went to the fancy-schmancy dinner with Henry. Nursing infants--they get to go anywhere and everywhere).

Amy didn't really know what to do without any children around. Her hands just kept fidgeting around until she grabbed my baby. Then she seemed to settle down.

Amy graduating...again. Dr Benson had some nice things to say about her being super organized, compassionate, and yada-yada. Her co-residents gave me the real scoop: she's sassy and bossy. But, I already knew that.

The whole fam-damily: (L-R) U Mark, Marilyn and Dan Kuhlman, Dan Johnson, Mom, Kevin, Amy, Karen, Aunt Becs, Loren, Joe, Jen, Henry, Aunt Ris

The Kuhlmans adopted Amy and Kevin when the twins were born. We wish they'd adopt us, too. They are amazing!

First date night out since Henry was born.

Like father, like son.

Amy, Lala (holding Henry) and Jen. Almost ZERO of her co-residents and faculty realized she was a twin, which led to a lot of confusion.
"When did you cut your hair?"
 "You changed your dress? Again?"
"What's going on????"


Laura said...

Beautiful smart ladies!

Rae said...

Congrats to both look quite amazing!

Rae said...

Oh,and excuse me how is it a date night if you bring your baby with you?