Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, July 14, 2013

pool party

Did I mention one of Team Eddy's graduation presents to themselves was a new house? No more living in their 900 square foot house with 6 people...they bought themselves a grown-up house.
With a pool.
And a hot tub.
We're calling dibs on the guest room right now.
The day after Amy's graduation, they hadn't actually moved into the house yet, but it was officially theirs, so they invited us over for a quick swim before we headed home to Lewiston.
We had breakfast at the motel, packed up and got in our suits.

Holy Choly was there to hold Henry (who had a cold) while the rest of us played in the pool.

Sam and ND did fairly well for just starting swimming lessons. Well, Sam did well. ND didn't want to actually get wet but wanted to swim. It was a dilemma.

Karen and Glory

Team Eddy

Noah, warming up on the deck

Kate, also warming up. It was only in the 70s outside and the pool wasn't much warmer. Little bodies get cold so fast, but they wanted to swim so badly.

Joe is always a little on edge when our kids are in the water.

My brief foray into the COLD water.

Henry with his daddy

Glory at the end of the day

We had so much fun that we spontaneously decided to have a sleepover at the new house. Amy ran back to their house and grabbed some linens and an air mattress so we could all stay.

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Amy said...

Let the record show that the Eddy pool is never less than 80 degrees.