Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, September 13, 2013

a decade ago

To my handsome husband--
Ten years ago, our lives looked very different. Not just different from our life now, but different from each other. We were different in every way--different interests, different politics, different viewpoints. Our honeymoon would be the first time we'd spent more than two days together. Yet, we still decided we would join our lives into one life and get married.
So, ten years ago today, I showed up late to the church. You, of course, were early and patiently waiting for me with our photographer. You looked so handsome in your tuxedo as you tapped your watch at me. And, when the photographer started snapping our pictures that morning, she kept asking me not to smile quite so big.
I was quite happy to be your bride.
And here we are, ten years later. Our life has changed so much since then. Our world has shrunk a bit with our energy centered around our home and family. Most of our effort is centered around the three small people we are trying to raise into productive human beings. Ten years ago, I had no idea motherhood and married life would leave me so richly blessed.
I have a husband who is a devoted and patient father, a hard worker, a cheerful giver, and my ally always. We have grown Sam, our curious and helpful son; Natalie Doris, our spirited daughter who calls us to be creative parents; and Henry, our sweet, happy baby. There is no accomplishment I am more proud of.
A decade of marriage.

And I am still quite happy to be your bride.


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Rae said...

What a sweet post! Amazing how fast 10 years can fly by. Happy Annivesary you two! I hope you get a chance to celebrate...and good to see your blog is back!