Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, November 04, 2013

and that's the news from Casa Kaufman...

Well, readers, I have to apologize for the lack of regular posts. Chaos reigns at our house and that, I suspect, will be my excuse for the next 20 years. One of my loyal readers (not to name names--but her name starts with a C and rhymes with Mynthia Waldon) sat me down and told me frankly to get off my bum and start blogging again. Here goes...
  • October has flown by. As most of you know, the Corn Maze was cancelled, which was bittersweet. After all the hard work invested by our families, it was sad not to see the fruit of our labor. On the other hand, it meant that instead of being a farm widow for the whole month, I have a husband! We've spent time getting ready for Halloween, Joe's been hunting a few times, and we managed to squeeze in a weekend trip to Seattle last weekend for my 10 year college reunion.
  • Our old dog, Doc, has finally found a home. After being in foster care (with Terri, his wonderful foster mom) for over a year, Team Eddy has adopted him. He's getting older, but the same sweet dog.
  • Natalie Doris has started dance and preschool. This means that she is an expert in all things...just ask her. Her father and I have become stupider already; I thought we had another decade before this happened.
  • Sam is loving kindergarten. His favorite parts of the day continue to be recess, lunch and the bus ride home. I changed my work schedule so I'm home when he gets off the bus. While I miss my Fridays off, it's been great to have afternoons with the kids.
  • Henry is starting to outgrow his fat baby status. He started crawling tentatively and pulled himself to standing this weekend. He has a neck now and is getting longer and leaner. His cheeks are still pretty kissable but I am mourning the end of babyhood.
And that's the news from Casa Kaufman, where the mom is strong, the dad is good-looking and the children are above average. Stay tuned for more updates.


The Farmer's Wife said...

Oh, you got "the talk", too, huh?
Glad you started posting again! I've missed you!

I'm going to request pictures, though. Your kids have the GREATEST cheeks and sparkly eyes...miss seeing those!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesus! And Jen! You know I don't get much entertainment!
Mynthia Waldon