Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, November 11, 2013


I tried talking the children into a family theme costume this year, like we could all be characters from a movie or book, for example. Unfortunately, Sam and Natalie could not agree on a single theme and negotiations broke down when Sam wanted to be a zombie and Natalie wanted all of us to be princesses. So, the boys went as a Mad Scientist (Joe), a robot (Sam--although, many people thought was an astronaut because he also wore his NASA helmet), and a little monster (Henry, who also had a cute pumpkin costume, which he wore to Pumpkin Palooza).
The girls went as Cinderella (Natalie) and Old Cinderella (me...originally, I was supposed to be the Fairy Godmother, but Natalie nixed that idea while we were trick-or-treating and told me we were both Cinderella).

Before trick-or-treating, Sam put on some glow in the dark face paint and Natalie requested a bear nose and blue eyeshadow to go with her Cinderella costume. Lala and Papa Dan dressed up as hippies and did some door-belling with us.

That's Joe behind that horrible mask. Henry found it terrifying so Joe put it in his pocket for most of the night. I scored this beautiful blue ballgown at St Vinnie's for $10 and loved wearing it, even though it was a little challenging to walk in. I tried to explain to ND that navigating steps was easier if you lifted your gown but she quickly decided that was stupid advice and shut me down. She ended up falling on her face about 12 times that night and ended up marveling, "I don't know what's wrong with these steps today, Mom!".
We ended the party with the Birch Court bunch (Steve, Teenie and the rest of the crew), ate some delicious beer-cheese soup, cookies, and popcorn balls. Sam downed a whole bowl of candy corn. It's a good thing Halloween comes but once a year.

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