Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Henry's 8 month bear pictures

Dear Henry,
You are now eight and a half months old. Your babyhood is flying by...slow down! This month, I've often pondered why 9 months of pregnancy seems endless while nearly 9 months of babyhood goes by in the blink of an eye. You've started crawling and pulled yourself up to stand this weekend. It's time to start baby-proofing our house. We've had a few close calls with you putting Legos in your mouth. Luckily, we haven't had to take you to the emergency room for any accidents (yet. Quick, knock on wood!).
 You are sleeping a bit better. I'm so thankful. Your sleep is not as good as Sam and not as bad as Natalie. You go down with a bit of fuss around 7pm and usually wake up once or twice a night. Sometimes, you are nursed back to sleep easily. Other times, I pat you, bounce you, rock you and sometimes end up just closing the door and letting you work it out on your own. I'd like to blame teething, but as of yet, you are still toothless.
 We painted pumpkins this year. You aren't sure what to make of yours. You want to touch it but are horrified about the stem's texture. Then you touch it again and are surprised the texture is still horrifying. Ah, babyhood is so entertaining.
 You are still a happy, laidback little guy. You love playing peek-a-boo and emptying containers. You have a happy little voice and we hear you babbling more and more. I keep coaching you to say "Mama" but you seem right on the cusp of "Dada". You've discovered how to mimic Natalie's growly monster voice and it cracks you up whenever you manage to match her tone.
We're still nursing...for now. I gave you formula for the first time this weekend (you've had it occasionally at daycare) and you took it without complaint. I am a little sad that weaning is likely in the near future. It's just another sign of how quickly your babyhood is going. Soon you will be an active wiggly toddler and I will miss our cuddle time, the way your sweet little hands play with my hair while you fall asleep, the feeling of your chubby arms on my neck. Can I say it again? Slow down, slow down.

Love, Mama

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lorettapox said...

Um, I know why 9 months of pregnancy seems like it goes on forever. . . Because you are incredibly sick the entire time! 9 months is going to fly by when you're not puking constantly or dealing with a tube down your nose! Just sayin'!

Oh, and Henry's adorable. I love the look with the pumpkin. He's definitely disgusted!