Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Saturday, December 14, 2013

BELIZE: Getting there

Sometime last year, I was huge and pregnant and feeling sorry for myself when I realized that our tenth wedding anniversary was on the horizon. I wanted to do something bigger than a dinner out to celebrate and started thinking about a fun tri. The Gemmers had gotten married on Lopez Island just a few months before us and so they were celebrating their tenth anniversary as well. I emailed Deanna and proposed we take a joint family vacation--perhaps visiting Lopez Island--with our collective brood. She emailed back, mentioning "we" might have some more exciting a trip to Belize! I'd been to Belize twice before, staying in Belize City while in nursing school and working at a local hospital and orphanage during spring break, and then returning to Caye Caulker with Joe on our honeymoon. Great climate, friendly people and cheap rum. What a great place to celebrate our anniversary.

 (Later, on the trip, it came out that I had misinterpreted her reply as an invitation to join Darin and her and had inadvertently just invited ourselves along. Good thing we have the sort of friendship that just rolls with the punches, but let that be a lesson to all of you out there--keep your vacation plans to yourselves unless you want the Kaufmans to tag along!)
 During the next few months, we picked dates, planned childcare and accrued frequent flier milds to make ti all come together. The Gemmers had an acquaintance who owned a home in Belize and generously offered to let us use it during our stay. So, in early November, Sam went to stay at Grandma Dori's. We drove Natalie and Henry to Team Eddys'...
 ...and we were on our way!

Deanna, relaxing in the hammock on the porch

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