Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, December 15, 2013

BELIZE: To each his own...

It soon became apparent that among the four of us, we had different styles of vacation. I think we all view vacation as an opportunity to do things we can't do at home. For me, that meant sleeping. Eating local food. Reading novels. I would be happy spending the entire week lying on a beach, drinking rum and stuffing my face with fresh tropical fruit.
Darin falls at the opposite end of the spectrum. While Deanna, Joe and I lazed about the beautiful house reading, Darin could not stand wasting a moment of his Belize experience. This turned out well for the rest of us since, while we lazed about, Darin would catch up with Edwin (the caretaker) and industriously catch us fish or lobster for dinner!
Our crew compromised well. We had some adventures snorkeling, hiking and sea kayaking (more on that later). In the evenings, we were wonderfully low-tech, having no TV or Internet, so we played cards or board games. We had two lazy days of sleeping in and reading. Deanna and I took a quick stroll on around the little caye, shooting a few pictures and visiting with Poppy, another caretaker, and his dog TinTin.
Deanna and her fancy camera

Tin Tin

Tin Tin
 On one of our lazy days, Deanna and I got Thai massages, which was one of the most acrobatic massages I'd ever experienced. A hefty Samoan massage therapist alternately pushed on pressure points and then bent/stretched my limbs as far as they would go. A few times, I thought I might break, but at the end of the massage, I was deliciously relaxed.
Edwin's young daughter showing us the fish Edwin and Darin had caught for bait.

And "Girl", Edwin's dog, was always close by

Food was the only thing Darin was a bit cautious about while I would happily eat anything and everything. Our first morning there, we stepped off the dock and walked right into the welcoming arms of Brenda, a local Creole cook, who had a little shack on the beach. She quickly ushered us to her small table and proceeded to make us a delicious breakfast of fish, rice and beans with fresh pineapple. The food was delicious, but would be the last time we ate there...when we got back to the house and read our guidebook, we were surprised to find Brenda got special mention--as a hustler to be avoided!
We discovered a little gelateria just a short walk from the dock, which led to my development of two daily indulgences: gelato and PantyRippas (a cocktail of pineapple juice and coconut rum).

The seafood was, of course, abundant and the Creole cooking was delicious. I remembered how much I loved conch ceviche and discovered a new love of seaweed smoothies.

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