Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Henry's 10 month bear pictures

Dear Henry,
You are ten months old and the bear is getting smaller. You are a mobile whirlwind of activity wherever you go, tearing up paper, chewing on toys, banging on pots and pans, unrolling toilet paper. Schatzi--poor Schatzi--is an endless source of fascination and you crawl after her, harassing her mercilessly until she finally has to go outside to get some peace.
 Nothing is safe and your Dad and I are woefully unprepared for this next phase of babyhood. We've managed to put a gate in at the top of our stairs; unfortunately, we learned the hard way that we need to remember to check that it is closed. One morning, Natalie calmly told me, "Henry is crawling down the stairs." I walked over to close the gate, just in time to see you fall head over heels over and over and over down all fifteen stairs. Thank God you weren't hurt--just mad and scared.
 You have two teeth and we are pretty sure more are on the way. You are constantly chewing on your fingers and toys. You are more interested in feeding yourself than being fed. You can't really manage a whole lot of table food with only two teeth, but if we give you a spoon or a cracker to humor you, you let us shovel in whatever puree is on the menu. You have nearly weaned...partly due to your penchant for biting...but still nurse a bit in the morning and at bedtime. You went for a two day stretch without nursing all together and I thought we might be completely done, but you seem to like the snuggle time and honestly, I am not ready to give that up yet either.

You've grown a bit more demanding. You don't have words yet, but you shout to make yourself noticed. If you want picked up, you reach your arms up and shout. You shout when you want a toy. You flip through books and shout.
There's nothing wrong with your understanding of language. In fact, I am pretty sure you are a genius. Tonight, I asked you what you were doing with a sock and you started to try to put it on your foot. Then I invited you into the bathroom for a bath and you crawled excitedly toward the bathtub. (You do love your baths).

 You've started to give kisses. You reach out and grab our faces and hit us with a big open mouthed kiss. Sometimes, you use your new teeth, which makes ND and Sam leary about letting you show them any affection. Still, we all love you and your siblings are very patient and kind to you.
 You've moved classes at daycare and we are pleasantly surprised that you have survived the transition. You had quite a bond with your teacher Alaine (she's pretty awesome and made you the onesie you are wearing in these pictures), but you are learning to like your new teachers Annie and Rowene. You stopped sleeping for awhile in protest but now we are getting on a new rhythm. You have somehow worked yourself down to one measly nap a day, but you sleep fairly well at night time, getting up once or twice. Now that you take a bottle fairly well, Dad is helping with night duty and Mom is thankful!

 We've started a weekly family date at the Aquatic Center. You love splashing in the zero depth pool and crawling around. You've taken a few unexpected dunks but have fared well for the most part.

I can't believe you are ten months old. I know years from now when you look back at this blog, you will wonder why there are not as many pictures of you as there are of Sam and Natalie. I promise that if you sleep more and crawl less, I will start snapping some more! In the meantime, our time is spent keeping up with you three Kaufman kiddos. I hope you know how much we all love you and how much joy you add to our family.
Love, Mom and Dad

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