Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


For a long time now, Natalie's hair has deserved a blog post, or perhaps, even a column of its own. Long, thick and beautiful, people would routinely stop me when we were out running errands or at church and shower her with compliments about her hair. How beautiful it was. How nicely it was braided. How lucky she was to have so much of it. Oh, and natural highlights too! How did she get so much of it? Did thick hair run in our family? I must have had a lot of heartburn when I was pregnant with her.
(Which, in fact, I DID).
I would politely thank them. Natalie would give them her usual stink eye. We would be on our way.
But what those people weren't seeing behind our closed doors was the hours spent NEGOTIATING with Natalie to PERSUADE her to just comb her hair…then the hours spent detangling, combing and braiding that mass of tangles. Most days, she would just refuse, emphatically yelling, "I JUST LIKE IT TANGLED, OKAY??".
A mom only has so much patience…and a tired mom of three has even less. So, I began my propaganda campaign to brainwash her into getting a haircut. I would casually comment on how I loved my short hair without any tangles. How cool Sam's head must be since he didn't have long hair. How we never got peanut butter or Play-Doh in our short hair. Short hair is a dream come true.
Unfortunately, the seed I'd planted sprouted in full force a few weeks before Lala and Dan's wedding, when she wanted to buzz her hair off "just like Sam's". I bribed her to wait until after the wedding and then we spent weeks trying to persuade her to get a bob instead of a buzz cut. It all seemed futile since she wanted to go all GI Jane and no amount of arguing would resolve this agreement.
So, we dealt with the long hair.
Until she was staying with Team Eddy and Kate, Glory and Natalie ALL got hair cuts. Anything the Eddys are doing is automatically awesome. The Eddys sent us a picture while we were in Belize.
A cute bob, short and sassy, just like Little Miss herself. She thinks she looks like Tangled's Rapunzel (post-haircut, of course) and couldn't be happier. Short hair takes 2 minutes to spray some detangler in and brush out. I have an extra half hour a day now to twiddle my thumbs and eat bon bons.
Short hair is a dream come true.


Deanna said...

I totally agree! A bob is the best.

Eat a bonbon for me, will ya?!

Grammy said...

I was never a hair mom, so Laura had no choice in her early years. At about age 11 or 12, I agreed to growing her hair long, if she took care of it herself, and she did a great job