Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Grand Ol Opry

While we were in Nashville for the American College of Gastroenterology Southern Regional Meeting, Joe got us some pretty good seats at the Grand Ol Opry, which was playing at the Ryman Auditorium. When I say "pretty good", I mean my neck is still stiff from looking up for 2 hours straight. We were so close I could see Vince Gill's nose hairs! Since I am not as interested in country music as Joe, I expected to have a decent time, but was pleasantly surprised that I had an AMAZING time. The performers were all very talented and I was thrilled to see members of the cast of Nashville sing!
On Broadway

Kathy Mattea

Will and Layla from Nashville (those are their characters' names)

Lennon & Maisy from Nashville
 Our experience was somewhat tempered (or enhanced...depending on how you look at it) by the couple sitting next to us. They were on the far side of middle aged and had obviously had more drinks that we'd had that evening. The woman was Nashville's equivalent of my Aunt Becca*.
A few snip-its of the evening:
Joe started singing along with Connie Smith's "Once a Day" and Nashville Aunt Becca leaned over and hugged him, squealing, "Oh, you have such a great voice! I just LOOVE your singing voice!"
"Where y'all from? Idaho?? What are y'all doing out here? Gastroenterology?? I have a kid who has that."
She went on to say she thought we were a cute couple and when Joe put his arm around me, she spied my muffin top and gushed, "Oh, are y'all havin' a baby?" Nope. These are just leftovers from the last baby.
She was so embarrassed by her mistake, she spent the remainder of the evening profusely apologizing, occasionally offering to buy me something.
Until Vince Gill arrived.
If you listen to the radio broadcast of the 7pm show of December 7, you will hear Vince responding to Nashville Aunt Becca. When he took the stage, she was so overwhelmed, she stood up, but words failed her. She could only moan, "Oh! Oh!" over and over again, causing Vince to say, "Slow down, honey. My wife's here."
When the show concluded, she was sad to see us go. We spent a few minutes visiting...until security kicked us.
Quintessential Aunt Becca.
*For those of you who know and love my Aunt Becca, you know exactly what I am talking about. For those of you who don't, my Aunt Becca has a warm, colorful personality that is best in small frequent doses. She is never afraid of talking to strangers and making new friends. The world is a more interesting place with her in it. God must agree...that's why He made another one of her and put her in Nashville.


Christina Kaufman said...

Vince Gill?! Kathy Mattea?! Comments about your (nonexistent) muffin top?! Can I come along on your next business trip please?

Glad you guys had a great time.

Just for the record, Vince Gill was my second true love, right after Randy Travis and right before Garth Brooks. Who was right before Steve…. ;)

Laura said...

So fun! You are such a great story teller. I loved the opry as well!