Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

from the mouths of babes: Civil Rights

Sam brought home a picture he'd colored of Martin Luther King, Jr, asleep in his bed with a dream bubble over his head. In the dream bubble, there are 5 multi-ethnic people holding hands and smiling.

Me: Sam, tell me about your picture.
Sam: Well, it's that guy with the dark brown skin who lived a long time ago and then he died know...
Me: What?
Sam: Well, you know...he did that stuff.
Me: His name was Martin Luther King, Jr and he...? (prompting)
Sam: Right. He wanted dark brown skin people to be able to ride the bus. Did you know that if there were a lot of dark brown skinned people on the bus and white people wanted to ride it, the dark brown skinned people would have to get off the bus? Even if they got there first??
Me: I know. It wasn't fair.
Sam: And there was a dark brown lady who didn't want to get off the bus so then all the people wouldn't ride the bus and the bus company...boy, they lost a lot of money!
Me: Her name was Rosa Parks. She was very brave and didn't give up her seat.
Sam: And she got arrested!!

So, we talked about being brave and doing the right thing and how smart Martin Luther King, Jr was to recognize that God made us all special and we should all just love each other.

Then, Natalie pops her head up from behind the couch, where she's been coloring the whole time.

Natalie: AND (pausing for emphasis and her eyes wide and earnest)...if you get on the wrong bus, you should get off. Well, first you should tell the school bus driver so he doesn't get confused.

Good advice all around.

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wendi drake said...

I love this story!