Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Kaufman Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas Eve with the Kaufmans (sans Teenie & Steve AKA the Birch Court Bunch--they were in Boise this year). I had to work half a day so Joe was home with the kiddos and I met them at Fred and Dori's. Poor Natalie woke up Christmas Eve morning at 5am, ready to open presents. Poor us--we had to deal with the aftermath that came along with the realization she'd have to wait until later that day.
What a great timer shot! Everyone is looking at the camera!

Mom K surprised me with gelato for dessert. I felt very loved. Henry thought it was delicious.

Uncle Jeff and Henry

Natalie Doris dancing to the music, wearing her new PJs

Joe and Phil

Henry was fascinated by the instruments and tried to play along.
After a great dinner, dessert and present opening, there was (of course) music. All too soon it was time for little kids to go to bed so Santa could come (and go to bed...this Santa was pretty exhausted).

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