Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, June 16, 2014

"before our life exploded"

There was a time when Joe and I felt like we were fairly busy, working full time and raising three young children while trying to keep up with church activities, exercise, and do the occasional load of laundry. Our days were full and we looked forward to that undefined time in the future when our children would grow up, sleep through the night, and help us with the omnipresent laundry.

That was before our life exploded.

In early March, I quit my job and decided to open my own clinic. If you are ever up at 10pm, wondering what you could be doing, you should try starting your own business. My days were filled with meetings with contractors, accountants, lawyers, and waiting on hold for the IRS. After putting the kids to bed at night, I would work on paperwork and the household chores that never seemed to get done. Joe has been super supportive, sitting in on meetings, picking up kids from daycare, and being a single parent many evenings while we've tried to get this venture off the ground.

We planned to open the clinic doors on May 1....and decided that since life wasn't really busy yet, we would also move to a different house, too!

We'd planned that after we opened the clinic, we'd probably need to move to Washington. We thought we'd tackle that project next year, until we heard that a friend needed to sell his home. We looked at it and it seemed like a good fit for our family.

So, we said a prayer and put our home on the market.

Teenie, Mom Kaufman, and Grandma A spent a full week with me, cleaning and packing and moving out of our house and getting it ready to sell. Buyers came and went. One set of buyers kept haggling back and forth...and 3 weeks later, our house is sold (knock on wood, turn around and spit three times, quick!).

We've spent the last 6 weeks packing, unpacking and cleaning at our new house, our old house and the clinic. Life is chaos. I don't know where anything is and the mountain of laundry is towering.

But, I'm back seeing patients. In my own clinic.

Our life exploded.

Not much has ever been so satisfying.

(Hoping to lure you once-faithful readers back with the promise of more regular blogging in the future).

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