Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nothing trims the waistline like hoeing

We are now sweet corn farmers. Teenie and I are planning to get rich quick off our sweet corn and sell it at the Farmers' Market in Moscow when it ripens in a few weeks. Easy money, they told us.

Somehow, I missed the part that we needed to weed the sweet corn.

The entire acre of sweet corn.

So, Steve who is knowledgeable about all things farming, told Joe and I it was time to get weeding and, instead of running last Saturday, we tackled the sweet corn in the early, cool morning. With the help of Steve and Mom Kaufman, 5 short hours later, the first half was done.

Mom Kaufman encouraged me, repeating her mother's wisdom that "nothing trims the waistline like hoeing." Sam came out to help pull some weeds, too. That kid was born to farm.

Being someone who likes repetitive exercise until she is exhausted (see my Mount Misery post), I was pleasantly happy with our work. 
Until it hurt to laugh or cough the next day.
And then we had to go back and finish the other half.

Come see us at the Moscow Farmers' Market in August and buy some of this delicious sweet corn!

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Amy said...

I will be checking out your corn AND your waist!