Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Happy 3rd birthday, Henry!

Dear Henry,

The last three years have whizzed by in a blur. You have grown from our giant happy baby into a busy, happy boy child. The family that sits behind us at church has nicknamed you "Action Hank" because you delight in trying to make a break for the altar every time we go to Mass. Your tired mother is often seen hoisting you up off the stairs with one arm, with one of your baby sisters nestled in the other. However, your antics are undertaken with such joy, they charm us most of the time. Your grandma summed you up best, saying that you are generous with your dimpled smile, which we see often whether you are engaged in mischief, hugging your siblings, or watching the garbage truck out the window.

Your passions include Dusty Crophopper, Lightning McQueen, your lion, penguin, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You are on the cusp of being "a big kid", sleeping in a bed, sharing a room with your sister Natalie, and toying with the idea of potty training.

Your favorite foods include cucumbers, gogurts , cheese sticks and chocolate milk. Often, you will eat an entire cucumber by yourself. You don't like most treats. You sampled nearly all of your Halloween candy and found it disgusting. However, there is no stopping you when it comes to fruit snacks.

You have become a big brother this year and we have been so proud in the way you have adjusted to your new role. You are very loving toward the babies and are able to coax a smile out of them, even when they are grouchy. Even though they look so different, you call them both Beatrice most of the time. I don't think Cecelia  minds too much.

You blessed our family with endless joy. It is fun to start hearing the thoughts that whir around in your little bright mind all day. We can't wait to see what the next year brings.

Love, mom and dad

Monday, February 22, 2016

Stuff my kid says

Henry: My little pillow gave me a BIG sleep!

He keeps getting out of bed so Joe, late one night, threatened to spank him. Last night, I found him wandering in the hallway, unable to sleep. He said, "mom, I need a spank. "

He got a hug instead and I turned him around to walk back to bed. 

Monday, February 08, 2016

Happy 6th birthday, Natalie!

 Dear Natalie,

Today, you celebrate your sixth birthday. Both Dad and I marvel at how the time has flown. It seems like just a short time ago we were surprised to discover we had a a baby girl. Now you have grown into a fabulous kindergartner.

Probably the biggest milestone of your sixth year has been starting school. You have relished everything about kindergarten. You   were especially eager to start school and, one day last spring, taught your self to read, determined to do everything your big brother Sam could do... and try to do it better! Your teacher struggles to keep ahead of you as you love everything having to do with reading and writing. We bought you stationary and envelopes for Christmas and you spent the day writing letters to all of your friends and family.

The other big milestone of the year was becoming a big sister to your two little sisters. Having practiced on Henry, we have seen you grow in generosity and selflessness to your younger siblings. You patiently play with Henry and dote on your little sisters, spending time cooing and talking and waving rattles to Beatrice and Cecelia.

 You love everything about them...except Beatrice's frequent spitting up. One night before bed, Beatrice spit up in your hair. You were disgusted and demanded a bath. Your tired mother refused your request and told you to "solve your own problem". You took matters into your own hands and cut off that piece of hair. Your cute new set of bangs is a result of that "solution".

You continue to be a determined, strong willed girl and we have grown to appreciate these qualities in you. Life is unpleasant for all of us when you are unhappy, but we have all breathed a sigh relief as you seem to be able to cope with life's ups and downs... and bedtime a bit better.

We are proud of the smart, sassy, wonderful girl you are growing up to be. We love you very much.


Mom and Dad